2017 Shenzhen International Open Qualifying

  • 1.QUALIFYING Details

        Shenzhen International Open Qualifying (132 Players) Shenzhen International Qualifying Tournament is open to all male golfers worldwide AND WHO
        1) Are professional golfers and qualified through the China Golf Association – 50 Players, OR
        If entries are oversubscribed, then based on CGA most updated ranking, those professional golfers with the lowest ranking will be withdrawn from the Qualifying Tournament and so on until 50 players are determined. Note: The top 40 ranked professional players of China Golf Association (as of the end of 2015) will automatically gain entry into Shenzhen International Open Qualifying.
        2) Are professional golfers and qualified through other recognized PGA– 50Players, OR
        If entries are oversubscribed, then based on the most updated Official World Golf Rankings, those professional golfers with the lowest ranking will be withdrawn from the Qualifying Tournament and so on until 50 players are determined.
        3) Are amateur golfers or teaching pros without PGA membership card, who have a USGA Men’s Handicap Index of 3.0 or less, issued by any recognized Golf Association, recognized provincial or city golf association or recognized golf club– 32 Players
        If entries are oversubscribed, then players who finished in the top three in any national amateur event recognized by China Golf Association would receive preference. Based on CGA most updated rankings, those amateur golfers with the lowest ranking will be withdrawn from the Qualifying Tournament and so on until 32 players are determined.
        4) Mainland players must be the registered players via CGA Event Management System(http://www.cgagolf.org.cn/).
        Shenzhen International Tournament Committee will reserve the right toad just any entry without giving reasons for its decision.

    2. FORMAT
        Gross Stroke Play over 36 holes.

        Shenzhen International Qualifying : Shenzhen Genzon Golf Club B Course
         Monday, 21st March: Practice day
         Tuesday, 22nd March: Practice day
         Wednesday, 23th March: Round 1
         Thursday, 24th March: Final Round

    4. CUT AFTER 1st ROUND
        Players who finish the 1st round with15 strokes or more than the leading 1st round score will not compete in the 2nd round.

    5. TEES
        All competitors will play from the same tees.

        Play will be governed by the Rules of Golf as published by the R&A Rules Limited, as well the Chinese version published by China Golf Association, and the Local Rules of the host Club as set by the Tournament Committee. These Local Rules will be made available to players at the starting tee or tees of each course.

        The following will qualify for Shenzhen International:
         The leading 3 scores by international players– European Tour will issue 3 spots from its category(Includes Hong Kong, Macao and Chinese Taipei players).
         The leading 3 scores by Mainland Chinese players – CGA will issue 3 spots from its own category (If the player already qualified for Shenzhen International, then the spot will go to the next lowest score by a Mainland Chinese player)

        In the case of a tie for a place in the Shenzhen International, this will be decided by a play-off immediately after the 36 holes.

    9. PRIZE
        We will allocate prize money of RMB300,000 (approx. USD48,000) to the top 20 professional players at the Qualifying Tournament. (In the case of a tie for a place, prize money will be evenly allocated to the players accordingly)

        1st RMB60,000 (approx. USD9,600)

        2nd RMB40,000 (approx. USD6,200)

        3rd RMB30,000 (approx. USD4,600)

        4th RMB23,000 (approx. USD3,500)

        5th RMB18,500 (approx. USD2,800)

        6th RMB17,200 (approx. USD2,700)

        7th RMB15,600 (approx. USD2,400)

        8th RMB14,000 (approx. USD2,200)

        9th RMB12,400 (approx. USD1,900)

        10th RMB10,800 (approx. USD1,700)

        11th RMB9,600 (approx. USD1,500)

        12th RMB8,500 (approx. USD1,300)

        13th RMB7,500 (approx. USD1,150)

        14th RMB6,600 (approx. USD1,020)

        15th RMB5,800 (approx. USD890)

        16th RMB5,100 (approx. USD780)

        17th RMB4,500 (approx. USD690)

        18th RMB4,000 (approx. USD620)

        19th RMB3,600 (approx. USD550)

        20th RMB3,300 (approx. USD500)

    10. CADDIES
        Club caddies are available for hire from the host venue but players may also bring their own caddie. Minimum RMB150 (approx.USD25) / Round for club caddies.

        If it is not possible to achieve 18 holes during a day at the Qualifying Tournament, play may continue the following day. If play is not possible on the following day then the following will apply: If it is not possible to complete 36 holes, then the tournament shall be decided over 18 holes. If it’s not possible to complete 18 holes then the tournament shall be rescheduled.

    12. REMARKS
        Should a player who qualifies for the Shenzhen International notify the Tournament Committee that he is unable to participate then the place will be offered to the next in line (first alternate) of the leading scores from that venue. Should the first alternate not be able to participate further then the spot will be offered to the second alternate on the same basis or until an alternate is found who can participate in the Shenzhen International. Should there be a tie among those scores designated as first alternate, then the leading score to qualify will be decided on a count back over the last 9 holes and last 6, last 3 and the last hole if deemed necessary.

  • 2.ENTRY Details

        1) Professionals shall email the completed Entry Form with contact details to the tournament office as listed below, and proof of recognition by the China Golf Association or a recognized PGA.
        2) Amateurs shall email the completed Entry Form with contact details to the tournament office as listed below, and proof of USGA Handicap Index together with verification from China Golf Association, or any other recognized golf association or golf club.

    2. ENTRY FEE
        Entry Fee: RMB1,200(approx. USD185) Green Fee: RMB350 (approx. USD55) Per Round Applicants should settle the entry fee at the venue by 3pm on Tuesday 22nd March. The player’s entry is confirmed as final only once the entry fee has been received.

    3. REMARKS
        All entries are subject to the approval of the Tournament Committee which reserves the right to accept or refuse, or having accepted, subsequently reject any entry without giving reason for its decision. The Tournament Committee may disqualify any player giving false information on his or her entry form or on accompanying credentials, and will report to CGA. No refund will be made to any successful applicants.

        Tournament Coordinator – Shenzhen International Committee

        Tel: (+86 755) 26730831       (+86) 158 8968 7663

    All Qualifying Entries will close at 18:00 on March 10th.

  • 3.REGISTRATION Details
    All participants are required to register in person by 3 pm on the last Practice day (22nd March) prior to the tournament.
  • 4.HOSPITALITY Details

    Hotel 1:Shenzhen Castle Hotel 
         Address:Shenzhen Longgang District Bao He Road (Shenzhen Genzon Golf Club) 
         Daily Rate:RMB890 Per Room/Night (Standard Room – King Bed include 2 Continental Breakfast) (approx. USD140)


    Hotel 2:Aloft Dongguan Dynamic Town
         Address:Dynamic Town, Fenggang, Dongguan, Guangdong
         Daily Rate:RMB450Per Room/Night(Standard Room – King Bed include 2 Continental Breakfast) (approx. USD70)


    The Shenzhen International committee reserves the right to amend or cancel any or all of the above, even after its publication. Should any amendment or cancellation be made, those who have submitted entry forms will be notified.


  • 6.VISAS Details
    Any player needing an invitation letter to get a visa must send all his passport details to: Emma Yang
         Email: emmagemma@hmgworld.com
         Phone: (+86)158 8968 7663

    2016 深圳国际赛 公开资格赛

    No. 姓   名 Name C/R Staus Hdp. Date
    001 许闳轩 HSU Hung Hsuan TPE A -1.2 2.18
    002 金义仁 Euiin KIM KOR A 0.0 2.26
    003 罗学文 LUO Xue Wen CHN A 0.0 2.18
    004 杨伊农 YANG Yi Nong CHN A 1.0 2.16
    005 林钰鑫 LIN Yu Xin CHN A 1.0 2.16
    006 刘子威 LIU Zi Wei CHN A 1.1 2.25
    007 黄永涛 Humphrey WONG HKG A 1.4 3.3
    008 何益豪 HE Yi Hao CHN A 1.4 3.8
    009 吴所谓 WU Sho Wai HKG A 1.4 2.27
    010 黄光典 HUANG Gunag Dian  CHN A 1.6 3.7
    011 钟建民 ZHONG Jian Min HKG A 2.0 2.21
    012 陈韦延 CHEN Wei Yen TPE A 2.0 2.26
    013 罗超 LUO Chao CHN A 2.0 2.18
    014 周笑天 ZHOU Xiao Tian CHN A 2.0 2.18
    015 彭晓彬 PENG Xiao Bin CHN A 2.0 2.18
    016 金成龙 JIN Cheng Long CHN A 2.0 2.18
    017 彭黄河青 PENG Huang He Qing CHN A 2.0 2.22
    018 尹峰儒 YIN Feng Ru CHN A 2.0 2.22
    019 刘悦 LIU Yue CHN A 2.0 2.22
    020 徐国振 XU Guo Zhen CHN A 2.0 2.24
    021 黄尚 HUANG Shang CHN A 2.0 2.27
    022 刘军 LIU Jun  CHN A 2.0 3.7
    023 黄友谊 HUANG You Yi HKG A 2.0 2.21
    024 马克-奥康纳 Mark O'CONNELL RSA A 2.0 2.19
    025 乔丹-约翰逊 Jordan JOHNSON USA A 2.1 3.2
    026 欧阳文康 OU YANG Wen Kang CHN A 2.4 2.18
    027 古龙羲 KU Lung Hei HKG A 2.8 2.23
    028 孔沛华 KONG Pei Hua CHN A 3.0 2.16
    029 简次强 JIAN Ci Qiang CHN A 3.0 2.17
    030 廖崇廷 LIAO Chung Ting TPE A 3.0 2.18
    031 林尚澤 LIN Shang Tse TPE A 3.0 2.19
    032 马子涛 MA Zi Tao CHN A 3.0 2.22
    033 陈尚阜 CHEN Shang Fu CHN A 3.0 2.22
    034 陈戈逸 CHEN Ge Yi CHN A 3.0 2.23
    035 邢艺馨 XING Yi Xin CHN A 3.0 2.24
    036 全钢 QUAN Gang CHN A 3.0 2.26
    037 朴帝豪 PIAO Di Hao CHN A 3.0 3.1

    2016 深圳国际赛 公开资格赛

    No. 姓   名 Name C/R Staus Hdp. Date
    001 窦泽成 DOU Ze Cheng CHN P 3.7
    002 张蕙麟 ZHANG Hui Lin CHN P 2.23
    003 何泽宇 HE Ze yu CHN P 2.17
    004 胡牧 HU Mu CHN P 2.17
    005 元天 YUAN Tian CHN P 2.17
    006 陈子豪 CHEN Zi Hao CHN P 2.22
    007 黄文义 HUNAG Wen Yi CHN P 2.22
    008 何绍才 HE Shao Cai CHN P 2.22
    009 欧阳正 OU YANG Zheng CHN P 2.18
    010 晁海蒙 CHAO Hai Meng CHN P 3.4
    011 陈定根 CHEN Ding Gen  CHN P 3.1
    012 张进 ZHANG Jin  CHN P 2.25
    013 周国武 ZHOU Guo Wu CHN P 2.20
    014 吴伟煌 WU Wei Huang CHN P 3.8
    015 陈小马 CHEN Xiao Ma CHN P 3.1
    016 李鑫阳 LI Xin Yang CHN P 3.10
    017 张佳 ZHANG Jia CHN P 2.17
    018 刘春 LIU Chun CHN P 2.17
    019 廖贵明 LIAO Gui Ming CHN P 2.24
    020 吕浩源 LV Hao Yuan CHN P 2.22
    021 李方宜 LI Fang Yi CHN P 2.17
    022 肖博文 XIAO Bo Wen CHN P 3.4
    023 米一元 MI Yi Yuan CHN P 3.8
    024 孙艺成 SUN Yi Cheng CHN P 3.9
    025 金大星 JIN Da Xing CHN P 2.18
    026 王长伟 WANG Chang Wei CHN P 3.4
    027 朱维宇 ZHU Wei Yu CHN P 3.10
    028 韩韧 HAN Ren CHN P 2.22
    029 李建山 LI Jian Shan CHN P 2.18
    030 高一杰 GAO Yi Jie CHN P 2.17
    031 吴红富 WU Hong Fu CHN P 2.26
    032 支上 ZHI Shang CHN P 2.23
    033 刘家强 LIU Jia Qiang CHN P 3.3
    034 熊诚 XIONG Cheng CHN P 2.17
    035 叶剑峰 YE Jian Feng  CHN P 2.27
    036 罗晓飞 LUO Xiao Fei CHN P 2.16
    037 刘俊峰 LIU Jun Feng CHN P 2.17
    038 廖小琪 LIAO Xiao Qi CHN P 2.26
    040 刘伟林 Liu Wei lin CHN P 3.2
    041 张凯亮 ZHANG kai Liang CHN P 2.18
    042 范亚浩 FAN Ya Hao CHN P 2.17
    043 刘世峰 LIU Shi Feng CHN P 2.17
    044 金明贤 JIN Ming Xian CHN P 2.17
    045 哈里-博伊德 Harry BOYD USA P 2.16
    046 谢继贤 HSIEH Chih Hsien TPE P 2.17
    047 郭家彬 KUO Chia Pin TPE P 2.17
    048 曾宏勝 TSENG Hong Sheng  TPE P 2.18
    049 刘必麒 LIU Pi Chi TPE P 2.18
    050 周锫 CHAU Pui  HKG P 2.19
    051 全志梧 Jio JEON KOR P 2.19
    052 罗伯特-伊斯特伍德 Robert EASTWOOD ENG P 2.22
    053 朴晋佑 Jinwoo PARK KOR P 2.25
    054 李相运 Sangun LEE KOR P 2.25
    055 牟钟豪 Tommy MOU TPE P 2.25
    056 克里斯-凯里 Chris CAREY AUS P 2.26
    057 蒂莫西-霍斯金 Timothy HOSKING AUS P 2.27
    058 亚当-诺瓦克 Adam NOVAK USA P 2.27
    059 安德鲁-史密斯 Andrew SMITH ENG P 2.27
    060 黄景台 Jonathan WONG MAS P 2.28
    061 金效详 Hyo Sang KIM KOR P 2.29
    062 韩晟茂 Sung Moo HAN KOR P 2.29
    063 白承旻 Seungmin BAEK KOR P 2.29
    064 金兌祐 Tae Woo KIM KOR P 3.1
    065 黄韬 HUANG Tao TPE P 3.1
    066 林景祥 David LIN USA P 3.2
    067 埃蒙-布雷迪 Eamonn BRADY IRL P 3.3
    068 曹秀镐 Sooho CHO KOR P 3.3
    069 迈克尔-皮尔斯 Michael PEARCE  AUS P 3.6
    070 高政雄 Jungwoong KO KOR P 3.6
    071 简佑贤 Sam CHIEN USA P 3.6
    072 林赛-雷诺兹 Lindsay RENOLDS ENG P 3.7
    073 提提帕 Thitiphun CHUAYPRAKONG THA P 3.7
    074 科马克-保罗-沙尔文 Cormac Paul SHARVIN IRL P 3.7
    075 泰穆-普克南 Teemu PUTKONEN FIN P 3.8
    076 简-凯斯 Janne KASKE FIN P 3.8
    077 格兰特-杰克逊 Grant JACKSON ENG P 3.8
    078 詹世昌 CHAN Shih Chang TPE P 3.8
    079 杰米-阿诺德 Jamie ARNOLD AUS P 3.9
    080 伍尔默-姆瑞罗 Wolmer MURILLO VEN P 3.10
    081 曹小飞 CAO Xiao Fei CHN P 2.18
    082 孟凡智 MENG Fan Zhi CHN P 2.18
    083 陈东升 CHEN Dong Sheng CHN P 2.18
    084 许运友 XU Yun You CHN P 2.18
    085 叶鹏飞 YE Peng Fei CHN P 2.19
    086 白晓圆 BAI Xiao Yuan CHN P 2.19
    087 霍伟 HUO Wei CHN P 2.19
    088 黄阳生 HUANG Yang Sheng CHN P 2.19
    089 佘梓瀚 SHE Zhi Han CHN P 2.26
    090 徐世军 XU Shi Jun CHN P 2.27
    091 沈治桥 SHEN Zhi Qiao CHN P 3.4
    092 范诗宇 FAN Shi Yu CHN P 3.5
    093 奥利弗-罗伯茨 Oliver ROBERTS ENG A 0.3 2.26