The bull of Shenzhen is a symbol of its prosperity.

“Bull” has been the symbol of Shenzhen for years. In front of the municipal government of Shenzhen, stands a brave bull statue. The bull is a symbol of Shenzhen spirit, the spirit of exploration, advancement and venture which is revealed in the process of Shenzhen’s all-round development of economy, culture, technology and other fields over 30 years of China’s Reform and Opening-up. Shenzhen International, named after the city, has also inherited the city’s culture and has the ‘Shenzhen spirit’ deeply embedded within the tournament. 

The significance of Shenzhen International logo and the connotation of the five colors:
The symbol of the Shenzhen International stems from the brave bull and the willing ox, but it has been given a new meaning. Its five kinds of colors, the ecological green, sunlight gold, elegant purple, ocean blue and colorful orange represent Shenzhen International’s five orientations of “city, contemporariness , business, international and openness ”which can’t portrayed by just one color like the spirit of Shenzhen. Through Shenzhen International, Shenzhen intends to leave a good impression on the fans all over the world, that is: Shenzhen is a young city, the city of vigor and vitality, and it’s the mixture of international, openness, contemporariness as well as commerce.   


Dream of Shenzhen city – The story of Spring

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Shenzhen, the charming sporting city

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