Shenzhen is a major coastal city in South of China, located in the Pearl River Delta, South of Guangdong Province, bordering Hong Kong to the south, Huizhou to the north and northeast, Dong Guan to the north and northwest, Lingding Yang (Lintin Sea) and Pearl River to the west ,Daya Bay and Mirs Bay to the east, vast sea area bordering South China sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Shenzhen is a coastal city by South China Sea, located as the east coast of the Pearl River. The special economic zone covers an area of 395. 82km2. Up to the end of 2008, the permanent resident population is 8.76 million. Among them, 26% of the population are locals, around 2.28 million; 74% of the population are migrants, around 6.48 million. There are over 360,000 minorities in Shenzhen, which is the second largest city in China that gathers a total of 56 ethnicities after Beijing.
As the pioneer of the Reform and Opening policy and a new immigrant city, the unique geo and humanity environment created a culture of openness, inclusivity and innovation, which make Shenzhen a perfect place for foreign talents and investments. In recent years, Shenzhen is chosen as “city with the most vibrant economy in China “and “the most popular city for blue- collared workers in China”. The average age of citizens in Shenzhen is only 28, and they all work hard to innovate, in order to keep this Chinese modern and pioneer city stay vibrant.

New Technology Industry: The new technology industry is a pillar industry in Shenzhen.
Logistics Industry: As one of the most important harbor cities in China, the modern logistics industry has been one of the backbones of the economic development in Shenzhen.
Financial Industry: The industry makes use of a small area with low consumption but has the highest output value. Also, it best reflects Shenzhen’s efforts in research and development and is a strategic industry which is also a feature of an international city.
Cultural industry: Shenzhen cultural industry has formed a related layer as the subject, the core layer and the outer layer as the new growth point of the industrial structure system.

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